Is he OK - had mixed reports? Some say he's the best - others the worst! Who am I to believe? Some say all genuine - some say all fake?

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Although I haven't looked at his inventory for quite some time I think there is truth on both sides. I've seen some of his autographs that looked spot on to me and I've seen some that weren't even close. Best advise is to proceed with caution and make sure you know what you are looking at.

Sorry I meant harvey2200 - the rest of my comments still apply. 20,000 odd feedback and not a single negative or neutral. Really need a view on his stock with more experienced eyes than mine.

You're talking about this eBayer?

I have a lot of concerns and I just looked for a minute. Just a couple are these Beach Boys and James Cagney pieces:

Yes, that's the guy! I have concerns as well. They seem nearly right but not right to me.

This seller always have a mix of genuine and faked autographs which are written by only one hand. Many of his fakes are cancelled at eBay in he past but not all. That's it! 


The merchandise offered by this seller is highly suspect. It appears to be peppered with the odd authentic low value item, but the majority of the autographed pieces appear to bear often poorly articulated attempts of the real thing (and inclined to agree with previous comment about them all being done by the same hand). Lobby cards, sheet-music and vintage postcards seem to proliferate - and generally just do not look or feel right. If you are an inexperienced collector, and do not have sufficient knowledge of authentic material then I would save your $$ and avoid these listings.

Thanks for that. I have such contrasting reports about this seller but feel a majority fall in the 'avoid' camp. He shouldn't be allowed to sell such material.

am pretty sure that a couple of years ago he or an associate of his also had another account as well where much cheaper stuff of his was sold;- cant remember though what the user name was though so cant check to see if the second account is still active

Interestingly since this forum started no further items have been listed on eBay by harvey2200! That may well speak volumes.

Meanwhile all actual auctions (approx. 115) are cancelled by the counterfeit dept. There's only one auction open...!


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