I bought a huge collection of mainly US actors/entertainers, and as a Brit, I am unable to identify these.

Anyone out there able to put names to faces and squiggles?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Second one is Daniel Benzali a great character actor. The type you know his face but not his name.

Great - thank you Jason. Much appreciated. One down, eight to go!

Cleavon Little is Sheriff Bart with a beard.

The pretty young blonde is Ami Dolenz, Micky the Monkee's daughter.

guy curled up in a ball looks like Richard Edson.....the parking garage guy from Ferris Bueller.

Benzalli was great in the early episodes of NYPD Blue.

Damn you're good, lol.

Pete - that's great! Thank you so much.

First one is maybe a really young Marc Lawrence

I know I have seen actor in image#3 and the lady in last spot hundreds of times, but I just can't place them.

Yep looks like Marc Lawrence (1st pic)

The 3rd image is the guy in American Ninja 2, Larry Poindexter I am sure that's him.

Thank you Kato. I believe you're correct.

That just leaves me with three left to identify.

Appreciation to you and all others who've helped me with this.


Fifth one down is Mo Gaffney

Thank you!  I'm so pleased with the responses I've received. Much appreciated. Alan.

Benzali played the SF mayor in 007 AVTAK......

I also spotted Marc Lawrence since I'm die hard 007 fan....one of the oldest 007 celebs along with Clifton James who also was way into his 90s before he passed.



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