Hildur Guðnadóttir, Cate Blanchett, Todd Field, & Sophie Kauer signed Art Prints

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I love this. But shipping is around $40 to the states. Hopefully their us webshop gets this at some point.

I would have purchased for Hildur Guðnadóttir alone. Her scores for Joker and Chernobyl are incredible. But with Cate Blanchette too? Insta-buy.

Did the same! 

Shipping is brutal.  Like 34 Euros to the U.S.  

Tempted, but hard to justify with how much I've bought recently.  

I asked them if they would end up getting these at their us store. Will let you know if they reply.


As usual, signed art cards but at least they look like they may be Lp sized and it's kind of cool that there are 4 different ones. but yes shipping to the U.S. is way too high for me

Insta-buy for Hildur alone. What a bonus having Cate too. 

Thanks for this! 

thank you.  Definitely insta-buy, with the four signed artcards, with three being signed by very accomplished folk, this was a complete no-brainer, even at the shipping costs.

Actually, the website had some interesting finds (including Vangelis)

It actually gets a lot cheaper per unit if you order multiples.  I don't need multiples.  But I wanted to point out that the shipping doesn't change much if you add 3 vs.1.  So if you can find a couple of people locally to go in with you it's not so bad. Sadly, I don't really know many people who'd be into this.  

I noticed, thank you.  I ordered two so I can gift one to my daughter plus a keeper for me.  Ordering this was a small concession for the disappointment over the Dylan fiasco. 

The Vangelis Juno to Jupiter box has been around forever, I have seen mentioned those were confirmed stamped/ printed with all the autographs exactly the same. Hope you didn't buy it.


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