Do you have feedback about the new cell-friendly design? Are there things we need to do better? Are there things you'd like us to add?

Let's talk about it here.

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I'm not sure how possible this is with your current infrastructure, but the ability to tag users like Twitter or Facebook where they would get an email with a link to the discussion would be useful for calling specific expertise or opinions to discussions they might not otherwise see.

That's a great idea. You're right,  we can't tag members under the current infrastructure, but some of the ones we're considering moving to offer it. It would be great to offer it.

If this is a general question (rather than cell specific) I would vote for an improved search facility.

Thanks, Nate. I'm happy to say that improved search is only weeks away. We've needed it for years!

I 2nd an updated search function if possible. It is hard to find certain posts and if more keywords could be used to narrow the search.

Also perhaps more moderators? Sometimes we get some unsavory folks that need swiftly taken care of.
You're right, Adam. We could use more moderators. I'll come up for a plan for that, too.
-for fun-
Create sister sites specifically for Jerry Lee Lewis and Michael Jackson.

Add a new Forum section entitled "Does the Vanderhoven Really Know?"

Give honorary monthly awards to worst eBay seller and worst forgery at Coaches Corner.

Honestly though, add sorting options to search results and discussions so most recent responses can be shown first.

Search function improvement is a good idea Steve.

Another thing that I would like to see is a counter for each post. In other words a running total showing how many "visits or hits" each individual post has received.  Many of the message boards I belong to have a running totals when it comes to # of views.  Don't know if that is possible but it's a shiny kind of feature.


A better search function is definitely needed, Don, and right around the corner. I'll look into displaying how many people visit, but it probably will have to wait until we move to a new software platform.

Thanks for your input.

I'll put those all on the list, Chad. Great ideas!

Is there anyway photos posted could be tagged and easily searched? Say I wanted to look up all Paul McCartney photos posted is there a way we could search photos and have them all come up for a specific subject?

An area /database for photos of deemed good and bad autographs of individual artists would be good so for instance i could type in an artist and look at posted photos of known good signatures and then pages of known bad signatures this would help people a lot in deciding authenticity   

photos could only be posted once its been passed by other members as authentic it would take some running but if members were involved it could be self regulated it may add to the discussions ie should it go in the good or bad or possibly dont know area

i realise it could help the fakers but we could stop abuse by only allowing known good members access or only allowing access after say 6 months of active membership

its only a thought and i dont know the logistics of it for the site but i for one would really find it usefull 



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