I just wanted to know your opinion about it - what's the right price for this?

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If I could get a MJ like this (as long as it's genuine, I'm useless when discussing authencity) for $250 I would take it directly. I think it's worth a bit more, but it's difficult to say exactly how much...
Thank you guys!

I agree i'd buy it for 250

This piece was for sale by Laura of MJJCollectors but I could have sworn someone bought it from her most recently.  I just can't remember who.  The prices they sell things for are up there a little bit, but they usually do a bit of homework on a piece to make sure its legit (though they have had a few that I spotted from a forger) 

I do think this one is ok though, as I've seen this one in their collection for several years.


Thank you guys for your opinions! The autograph is mine, I bought it (for a higher price) last year.
Attachments: No photo uploads here

I went back to my private messages and sure enough it was you who told me you owned it.  I actually even asked you if you got it from Laura/MJJCollection and you had. lol  I KNEW I recently saw this conversation, just couldn't recall who and when exactly :)  Brain cramp - sorry :D  I have so many MJ autograph conversations it really is hard to keep them straight. 


I hope one day have an Mj auto at that price ! Nice autograph !



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