Have you seen Beckett's 8x10 slabs?

I'm getting autographs I've had laying around years certified, and I had Beckett encapsulate a couple of the rare ones.

The slabs are great: No stickers on the photos, safe and carefully packaged. I don't think there's any UV protection, but I'm really happy with the results.

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Very attractive.

Nice photo.

Thanks. Rare these days. I was surprised to find them. I found 2 Walker SPs.

I know you're not a TPA fan, but the 8x10 holders really display photos well in person. Especially since there are no stickers on the pics.

Looks nice Steve, is the photo in a sleeve and then encapsulated?

At least the image will be well protected. I would think some UA protection is used with them.

I don't think so

It looks like it's in a sleeve, Kato. I just noticed on the other one that there are a few brown specs and they aren't on the photo. I'm going to send it back to be reholdered. The one posted here is fine.

Yeah I did think they pop the photos in sleeves, I did see Beckett at the Comic Con at the NEC on Saturday got my dual signed VHS Cover authenticated by Steve at the show.  Only for if I sell the item as this was gotten in-person long ago by an collector.

Nice find. One of the guys I would have liked to have gotten but never did.

What about the Encaps  Rick? lol

I like the encaps too. Look nice. Would be great protection and space savers to protect photo’s that you aren’t going to display. I’d still recommend doing your home homework. I still think the TPA’s are not that good.

I can tell u why there doing it. gcc is doing concert posters and there doing it that way be cuase u cant put anything on the poster it devalues it. so they just copied what gcc has been doing for over the last 2 years by the way ggc can do I belive 24 x 36 inch or larger posters now like this, everyone is looking to branch out .

Better than having a sticker placed on the photo. 



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