I made 3 bad calls and have been told I should stop giving opinions by Tracy. Should I hang up my hat?

What do our members think of this? Yes, I've been under a lot of stress lately. The first 2 below are said to be IP.

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"...Keith , at this point you should stop giving opinions as you are wrong more then you are right .. the Floyd was signed in front of me as was the Stones LP .. if the Floyd was bad why would Corey trying to buy it ? ..." - Tracy Mitchell.

I took the first 2 as atypical and the last appeared a copy print.

Tracy's other Stones LP:

No you shouldn't!

I always like to read your comments. They often have been the first in the row and have opened the discussions.

So please continue with your "quick look" (-:

Thanks Tobi.

To be perfectly honest, I'm finding that giving an opinion can be a really touchy thing at times. I guess it depends upon who is making the request.  Some folks seem to genuinely want an unvarnished opinion to aid in a purchase or be educated upon further regarding a particular signing style.  Sometimes it seems like others may simply want "agreement" to further verify their piece and become upset with those who feel differently.

Agreed. Thanks Etienne.

There's also another kind of request....this one more unscrupulous (no reflection on the current items here). 

It's the request for feedback asking in so many words: "What do y'all think of my work on this one...will it cut the mustard?".

If it's three strikes and you're out in authentication opinions there would be no one left! Including the TPA services. Although you may want to avoid responding to Tracy's requests.

Very true. I'll take your advice - thank you.

NO, you should not!! I always value your help and opinion.

And any serious collector should not by an autograph solely based on one members opinion, so even if you may have been wrong (which I don’t know if you were) there should not be any harm done!

I actually also thought the Freddie Mercury was a copy…

Keep going Eric I value your opinion especially  on Bowie 

Just continue to do what you do, Eric. I really never understand why, if someone got the autograph(s) in person or already have a TPA opinion, they ask if it's authentic here. It's usually a "got cha" scenario. 



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