I posted this tape for sale here a few years ago and was shot down. I sent it to JSA and they said it was fake. As I just got a "no" from roger on a piece that was acquired in person by one of the most trusted people on here, I'm beginning to think not all authenticators are 100% all of the time. Plus I bought this from a pretty well respected guy on this forum. 

Check it out. I found two other examples where he wrote "Keep ya head up" and he uses the exact same combination of lowercase and capital letters. What are the odds of that?

I know I know I want it to be real. what do you think?

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Not an autograph I know, but under what circumstance would someone have gotten a VCR tape signed? Do people walk around with VCR tapes for signature or have them for random encounters? If so, why not get the box with artwork signed?

I believe it was obtained at an industry party and the tape was brought by the promoter.

I have issues with it.  The Keep Ya Head Up while the same combination of lowercase and capital letters does not look to be signed by the same person.  Hopefully someone that is more aware of the signature and handwriting style can chime in.


your absolutely spot on pal

Thanks Philip.  I knew it just didn't look right.  IMO someone saw the "Keep Ya Head Up" and copied to make it look like a genuine signature.

i see what your saying with the keep your head up, but even with that there is inconsistency, that's why it will always be shot down, for the few thing that are okay, there's two three bits off.....sorry

Can you tell me what's off?

well, even tho there upper and lower case, the style and shape of the letters are off, look at the word UP, that is jusssttt wayyy off, and it honestly looks like someone has tried to copy it, and done it slowly, i think to me, and most here, we can see looks like someones elses hand writing who has tried to copy it, that's why it keeps getting shot down....i know you want it to be authentic, but it isn't, sometimes you just accept you got a bad piece

I agree.

Thanks guys.




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