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Same thing,  no cd from the US order yet,  got the vinyl and poster.

Was planning of writing them , but I'll get the same answer...

Good to know.

Thanks bravenn

No problem just emailed on m9nday again still no response,that's wild u got the vinyl before the cd lol

Is anyone STILL waiting on their signed CD?  Did Iggy Pop die while signing these?  This delay is crazy!

I’m still waiting :/

Yeah Me to I have heard nothing

Still waiting for my whole order, keep getting the same replies, and crickets when i ask for a refund.

It took me three emails to get a refund. All of these merch vendors are trash, especially the ones connected to big labels.

I had to make a paypal claim for my vinyl with poster. It's a personal thing I guess but after so much time I just feel enough is enough. They got their interest free loan and sale for the charts. And I didn't want it to drag on like others on here. They never even responded to paypal so I got my money back. Then a couple weeks later I got the rate the help email from WB about my transaction. You can guess how I responded since they never did to me whatsoever.

I did get my Canadian signed CD so not too bummed. But I would have framed and hung the poster in my house. I have 4 other Iggy screen printed posters (from shows I went to) already hanging in my basement.

Hang in there. He’s out on tour now, but he will take care of us. He truly values his fans.

Waiting on CDs from US.  Have not received anything from Warner Aust.  

On another matter, Indigo just emailed me to say there were delays fulfilling my Cormac Mccarthy  signed box set and Amazon sent me an email a few weeks ago saying there were delays with the signed Nickleback album.  they need to just call it.  good grief

Iggy is the man. A bit toxic, of course, but a modern day Elon Musk if you will. Still waiting on the signed USA Iggy CD myself... I also received the same message from Indigo about the Cormac Mccarthy. No worries. Cheers. 

they should send us the signed posters as an apology for the long wait



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