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More importantly than Frank #2 liking it, Frank #1 will like it as well! I'm surprised the seller didn't procure a Frank #1 COA to go along with his Frank #2 thumbs up.

The price appears to be very ambitious based on the condition of the ink, the piece obviously displayed and enjoyed for a number of years.

Not sure Frank Caiazzo will like it as this has been said on this forum about Frank Garo:

Garo I hear is just another forensic document examiner, like Chris Morales--I hear that people who know him consider his COAs a sign of forgery, not authenticity.

Thus my calling him Frank #2. I placed no weight whatsoever on the Garo COA as far as my opinion of the piece goes. I usually don't. The ink always speaks for itself.

Yes, Woody but if the COA comes from a known forger or a "forensic document examiner" that will certify a ham sandwich if paid enough -- then you can't just "look at the ink."  You have to consider all factors. 

Again, I don't put weight on any COA. In my estimation, when it comes to Beatles, Frank #1 is the best in the business. It's considered, but not a determining factor, one way or the other. If I don't think it's good, it doesn't matter if any Frank OK'ed it or not. I evaluate the ink and draw my own conclusion. That said, I have an opinion on which way the top authenticators will rule, only because aside from my opinion, I know what types of autos they've passed and what they haven't, so that gives them a track record in my mind of what they'll do with any given authentication. That doesn't mean it's good or bad. I determine that for myself. I draw my own conclusion based on the evidence of the signature alone. The COA does not sway me, whether it's a superb authenticator, a quack, or someone that can be bought.

That doesn't mean I'm always right. Or they're always right. Or wrong. To me, the ink tells the whole story.

As soon as you hear the words,"Forensic Examiner"...turn...and walk the other way!!!

 Joe Long - Fake

Looks to be a Joe Long...

It's gone. Please download and post an image when you post a discussion about a piece, because once it's gone there is no way to retrieve it.

Unless you save everything Steve (as I do!)  Ebay probably removed the listing due to suspected forgery. Perhaps a Joe Long as Alexander Mehl surmised. 


Autographs are like TV. When you see a forensic examiner, you can bet you're at the scene of a crime.



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