Is Anyone willing to sell a Chris Cornell autograph higher truth cd for 150

Anyone willing to sell me a Higher Truth Cd for 150 dollars

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ill be as polite as possible

your trying to get autograph of a guy who just died so you paying peak prices.

also when he was alive he was a nice and did sign alot but his cost from inperson guy for a nice placed photo or cd would be 100-150 or more.hes now dead.

market value is for what your looking for 400-500$ and could go higher as he just passed deppending on grapgh .proof and the usualy blah blah blah.

dont rush into something your budget is way to low.

keep an eye for real auctions not ebay .u never know stuff slips through the cracks and people dont bid

but right now for the next or or so you at peek money value on his graph.

hope that helps some.just have patience.

i just posted a link from a seller on ebay sells dylan and prince for 100$ plus everyone else all fake but he sells them every day and gets postive feedback.

you payfor what u get and his comes with a nice coa

wow thanks for the advice. I actually just purchased a Cornell Cd today what are thoughts about its authenticity 

I got this cd for 140 dollars

Looks real to me.

wow thankyou

wow where is this ebay seller selling fake autographs

Ha. And the seller accepted an offer of less than $150, I guess you showed me. I really thought you would have to pay more than $150. Darren, the main thing is what you posted in the other thread. Keep listening to Cornell's music. Listen to all of it. He was one of the greatest of this generation and he always seemed to me to be terribly underappreciated.

He was amazing. I talked the person down from 200 dollars to 140 dollars. I just hope its real I will be so crushed if I ever find out its fake.

This exact CD also sold by the same seller on July 30th for $91 with the same JSA cert and 20-some bids - was it returned? Why? And then sold with a Best Offer for considerably less than most all here think it is worth?

yes I think so. is it the same seller



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