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Hi Friends,

I'm not sure you've heard, but Brooks Robinson is selling everything, including his original Norman Rockwell painting, for charity. 

Here's an article I wrote about it for Forbes.


I've met Brooks in paid, i.e. autograph shows, and non-paid appearances and he couldn't be more of a gentleman. When he signed one of my gloves a few years ago he did so on both the front and back. 


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One of the all time class signers. Would greet you shake your hand and say thank you for coming. All other "celebrities" could learn form him how to treat the fans!

I completely agree, Ian. He set the standard at third base and at autograph shows.



Great article on the Robinson auction. Thanks for telling us about it.

Heritage did an excellent job cataloging and promoting the sale. 

And I think you're right, Brooks Robinson is easily one of the nicest guys ever to sign...if not the nicest. I've never heard of a bad experience with him.

Thanks so much, Steve. Wonderful sentiments about Brooks. I appreciate you sharing them.


Definitely a great read, David.

Thank you, Christopher.


Brooks Robinson is without a doubt one of the nicest guys on the planet.  I met him in White Plains recently.  If only others were like him, our hobby would be much more pleasant.

Thank you, Mike. I completely agree.



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