They have nice stuff.  Anyone ever deal with them before?

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Please look up past threads related to them.  Myself, I would have noting to do with them.  Have known them since the main person was 13 years old.  Associated with PressPass collectibles.  Untrustworthy, dishonest, history of forgeries, etc. 

true, they auction off a lot of items from press pass' ebay store and allow them to shill up their bids. and if the item doesn't get a price they want they just cancel the bids. they're both crooks

Absolutely true.  And the term crooks is putting it mildly.

+1 I suggest always running sellers names through the search engine here. Often very useful.

+2 Pretty much everything that I have looked at appears to be blatantly fraudulent.

I hear what you guys are saying but can all their stuff be bad?  Looking over their last auction, the Elvis looks good, the Aretha, the P Newman/T Cruise LP and others.  I mean some stuff has to be legit no?  They certainly sell for big bucks

I can’t speak for other, but for me, it’s not about all being fake.  They are an unethical business.  Shill bidders, selling the same item over and over showing a winning bidder, but never selling the item.  Getting items mass stickered by being a large customer.  Most items are never even looked at just assumed to be real.  They intermingle the Press Pass items which have a history of forgeries.  Even if they sold legit items, and I’m sure there are many as they have to mix them in, I would not do business with them just out of respect for the ethical side of the industry.

I agree with most of what you said. I think they have many legit items but their business practices are questionable. 

Garbage company. 


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