Hi everyone,
I would appreciate your opinion about this one.
Is it a real Lou Gehrig autograph?

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Daniel, these (all 4 of your posts today) are from the same seller chrisbdarling. The same seller you keep asking opinions about (Babe Ruth cut) and that you purchased the George Harrison signature from. Are you asking opinions (generally speaking) on the items he is selling to see if he is still perhaps mixing forgeries in with genuine items? 

It feels like you are on a crusade to prove your George Harrison is authentic, especially everytime more and more questionable items turn up with either Caiazzo or Cox loas. As a friend I have to say, you are going to drive yourself nuts trying to get everyones opinions to line up on this seller and/or their opinions of your George signature. 


I have to admit, the Gehrig looks good. As does his Campanella back signed 1956T Dodgers team card.

So I looked at this seller's feedback, his buyers appear to all be happy campers, there is a track record of similar quality autographs within the feedback, all buyers giving enthusiastically positive comments, but what strikes me as odd is that all of his similarly priced items are accompanied by LOAs/COAs from the major authenticators. But not this Gehrig.

Now to me, I look at the Gehrig and based on the image, I see a strong submission candidate for an authentic finding. So I have t ask. Why isn't there a COA for this? He could certainly price it for substantially more with an impressive COA, right?

Maybe there's a tell that doesn't reveal itself on the image?

Going by the image alone, I lean considerably towards authentic. But I would be hesitant to buy knowing that his other items of this ilk mostly or all have COAs and this doesn't. One would think this a "must submission" from a business standpoint, especially that the other piece he sold are authenticated.

Why no COA? Did it fail? And no mention of it? That's why I'd be hesitant, although the sig itself looks great, IMO.

I don't think the Gehrig is real. 

Steve, the cut appears to be signed by a lefty. It's got what I call, "the lefty's push", a very subtle difference created by the pen being pushed across, left to right, rather than pulled left to right. If lefties wrote from right to left, that wouldn't exist as they would pull the pen across rather than pull it. That's what gives authentic Gehrigs that step by step tell at the baseline.

This is why I think it will pass authentication. The overwhelming majority with that trait do if everything else looks within characteristic tolerances.


Please be considerate of other members. Only post autographs that you are considering buying, or autographs related to an area that you have an interest in collecting.

You're wasting the time of members and abusing their helpful nature. All because I said I didn't think your Harrison was real after you posted it for opinions here. 

Regarding the authenticity of other autographs this eBayer is selling:

It's common for forgery dealers to sell genuine autographs too, unless they only sell to the unsuspecting public—like galleries in hotels in Las Vegas. In fact, there are cases where the inventory of dealers who knowingly sell forgeries is mostly real. But most of their profit comes from selling fakes.

Please don't do what you did today again. 




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