I am interested in people's opinions on these three signatures. My father said he bought it from someone who had all three of them sign it one weekend at a baseball card show. Thoughts? I can provide more photos. 




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You provide zero knowledge either.  "Good" or "no good" doesn't count.  At least I explain myself in detail once in a while.

Are you still caught up with the whole "professional authenticator" thing?  I told you and that Zarelli guy that I just checked whatever box when I registered. 

Get a grip.

Can you quit trolling and leave already

I love you too, Seamus.

+1 to Seamus' comment

There are thousands of dumb forgers that could become good forgers simply by adjusting one minor detail; correcting one tiny flaw that gives them away every time.

And all the forgeries sold on the net in all fields, probably in the course of in as little as a month would probably approach, if not equal, the last assessed value of the Mona Lisa. It's a staggering amount.

No Appleton, I'm saying I'm willing to give an opinion free, period. 

And no the forgers haven't picked up on certain things.  They have however changed what they do when I point it out. 

You seem to be a troll on the forum in that you want to argue with everyone or bait people when they respond to you.  You also claim to be a professional in the industry.  Our forum asks that all professionals use their real name.  Please change your profile name to your professional name to remain on the forum.  Thanks

Appleton, knowing and executing are two different things. You show me a forgery that looks exactly like the authentic Mantle I  posted a few hours ago. I've yet to see one. 

What you said makes no sense.  If the forgery is exactly like the authentic Mantle, how would you even know?

Are you completely inept at understanding, mr apple

Or are you just a self proclaimed philosopher with no other place to direct your wayward talents and feel the need to argue and troll here? 

I have enough posts to write a philosophical report on you that would make a BSA professor's head spin in bewilderment

Let's not trivialize this.  This is really important.  The entire authentication industry rests on the notion that it is impossible for a person to perfectly replicate another's handwriting.  This is foundational.

All of the books written about forgery deal either with art forgery, or common signature forgery, such as people who forge signatures of relatives on checks or real estate deeds.  The amount of scholarly research on autographs is very slim.

Has there ever been a study that seeks to determine whether or not it's possible to execute a perfect forgery?  I have not seen one.  I bet if you took two dozen people who are skilled with a pen, such as artists or calligraphers, and gave them each 100 exemplars of a signature, with a budget to acquire whatever equipment they needed, and then gave them a month to come up with a perfect forgery; I would be willing to bet money that at least 5 people would be able to pull off a perfect signature.

If that's the case, then the entire industry is a fraud.

Keep writing and explaining your thoughts Apple

You are good subject matter for my Doctoral thesis 



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