Hello everyone,I recently bought this from an auction house apparently a signed Bruce Springsteen lp. Do you think it's real?? Thank you in advance for your help everyone.

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What auction house?  The large "B" and smaller "S" is unusual. 

Hello and thank you for your help, it was a local reputable auctioneer in Newcastle upon Tyne, uk. Special music auction last week, 

My understanding is that they are not specialists i n music.  Its a suspiciously low estimate for a genuine B S autograph

Thank you Michelle for your help, do you think it's possibly real? They often put low estimate just to attract people I think?

Yes but if genuine it would have sold for  minimum £800 plus. I think it  looks strange but see what others say.  Mr Bruce Juice is very good on Springsteen.   A few of their other signed items didnt look right to me either.  Did you pay with ccard just in case..........  not trying to be pessemistic (sic).  Cant work out how to spell it

Yes it was CC , I know I'm slightly worried and it seems others are too. I did think it strange that none of the signed items had a coa. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!

A coa is often worthless but if it sold at a very low price  that tends to be a red herring.   If you used the saleroom.com  the auction house may try and get you banned from bidding on  it  again as retaliation for  using section 75,

Hello again Michelle, you mentioned some others in the auction didn't look right? I had a message on another thread about lots 412,408a and 407a in that auction. Also a couple of messages about a guy called Simon Parr who sells in and around Newcastle, ring any bells? Thank you so much for your time 

Oh no, not  him again., twice in one week!!!  He is serious trouble and has even  been kicked off liveauctioners, - which takes some doing re the number of fakes he sells. Google him. Has many aliases and specialises in forgeries

The  other signed items  dont look real to me and appear to have been  signed by one person 

Thank you! The auctioneer has gone quiet? I am Trying to ascertain whether mine was a mistake or whether there were multiple fakes in that auction, a signed Queen poster in November was also fake , is this a pattern. I made the mistake of presuming auction houses would check authenticity before selling items, it appears not. I feel really daft not doing this before the sale but am hoping to get a full refund. Your help is really kind and really appreciated. Thank you very much!

It was Anderson and Garland, Newcastle upon Tyne uk. When you say unusual do you mean it's probably a fake. A few people think that. Thank you very much for your time 

This appears to be very fake.



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