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I'm not a fan of this Neil, Kammie. I don't think it's close.

Interesting because I did compare it to some PSA earlier 90s late 80s exemplars and they looked very similar with the strokes of the d and the n but I guess I'll just have to talk to Tom about it and see what he says again.

Are you familiar with MMA Authentications?  That's who did it. 

The seller is also the authenticator. He sold a Paul Walker SP for $50. It was relisted, so someone didn’t even want it at that price.

Here is one to compare it to.


Here’s one from Memorabilia UK:

and one previously posted here for opinions:


He is very difficult to authenticate, being such a rare signer.  The formation of certain letters combined with the slant seem to be the best indicators.

You're a very smart man Mike and I hope that I get a chance to meet you sometime. ❤️

One of the reasons Mike I didn't think that it's pre-printed is because I used a lot of tests on it like the light test and also the alcohol test which if you run through a pre-print it does not slur whereas a real one does and I very rarely want to touch those just to try but I did it on this one and I'm telling you it slurred and I stopped in my tracks! LOL

Kammie, please do not misunderstand me.  The only way that your Neil Diamond autograph is authentic is if it is in fact the example that was used for the preprinted fan mail.  It may also be an autopen signature.  I hope that it is authentic for your sake.  Best of luck.

Those are very nice


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