Beckett COA. The “cheers” is def not what I’m used to seeing.

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Yes, that "Cheers" would bug me, too. When in doubt, throw it out (don't purchase it).

Yeah, I’m not interested in it. I’m more concerned that Beckett ok’d it when I don’t think it’s good.

Here is the autograph when auctioned on Lot-Art with information.

Not authentic in my opinion.

I agree.

Does anyone know when Paul first starting adding the "Cheers" inscription? Seems odd to me that if someone was a fairly experienced forger that they would include such an obvious atypical "Cheers". Maybe it is meant to distract a little. The Paul looks pretty typical to me.

Not sure but there are aspects to the “McCartney” that I don’t like either.

Here is a good 93 with cheers for your comparison.


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