I came across a store called Autographs Authentication Store (autographsauthenticationstore.com). They seem to have a very large selection of autographs of all kinds, including Beatles autographs. Does anyone know if this is a legit dealer?

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Hi Bob... I'm sorry you fell victim to this dipstick. Michael is Brian Burkel. Brian Burkel is Michael. You catch my drift? He can say anything he wants but in the end I stand to gain nothing by telling the truth. He stands to lose everything from me telling the truth. You catch my drift? Fun fact: They are also the authentication service.... let that sink in. I am truly very sorry for your experience and I hope you're able to recover every penny back and more.

Thanks Mike...Oh Im getting every penny back..I have all the RA labels and 3 disputes in with my bank. 

Here's something funny. The reply from the store when I filed with the Nevada branch of the Better Business Bureau. He almost sounds like a foreigner...

Contact Name and Title: Michael Tierdon

Contact Phone: 7027527007
Contact Email: orders@autographsauthenticationstore.com
This customer never contacted us. A man saying he got the item as a gift months ago contacted us. This person who signed the item was on vacation in Spain when he died. He was NOT in exile, as the person claimed. It was signed before his death, and is NOT fake. This person made threats, and tried to extort money out of our business. The only fraud is being committed by this person, NOT our business. We will NOT take back a return after months, and he's not our customer. The person who bought this item NEVER contacted us. This person who did is filing a fake report in someone else's name who did buy it. She never once contacted us, ever! This bad person said he would do these things if we didn't pay his extortion money. Some people will do anything for money! Close this case please. We will not pay the BBB money ($500) to be a member of their organization, and ask them NOT to take cases filed against our business. We don't find them reputable as they want money to do so, and it's an extreme amount for any business to pay!

What a hot mess. They can’t even get their lies straight. They never heard from you, yet they said you threatened them and they know all the details of the complaint.

Well, what he means is that the actual customer, my girlfriend, never contacted them. It was me acting on her behalf. As if that matters. I was trying to get the money refunded to her credit card, I wasn't trying to get it myself.

Michael Tierdon is Brian Burkel. Brian Burkel is also every single one of the names in their customer support email responses. 

They were called Autographs America years ago. He was located in WA back then. I have an email from Burkel to his forger, a young lady in the area.

Indeed. He moved to Las Vegas after that. Now he just puts her on an airplane to Vegas and she works for a weekend and then goes home. I don't know her name though. Could be his new "girlfriend".

"We have recieved dozens of complaints from AA clients that have purchased albums signed by artist that were either long dead at the time of the signing, or simply could not have been at the signing with the other group members."

Wow. That's my story, right there.

Heads up everyone! Burkel now has his website set up at https://autographauthenticationstore.com and is pumping thousands day into Google ads for that site.

That's autographs minus the s. What a dotard.

The one with the "s" is still active as well. It's the exact same site, and the logo reads the same on both of them. I'm sure he just registered both domains so he could still get the traffic from anyone who typed it in wrong. 


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