Hi! I would like to ask for some help...if this Britney Spears autograph is real or fake. 

The seller said that is glossy paper, it's JSA certificated, and I know that she signed this kind of photo image, this size, glossy paper during her Mall tour. The photo is old, with some damage (the seller warned about it). If someone can help me, I'll be grateful. 

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This is definitely an earlier signature, she began shortening her signature a few years ago. It is authentic IMO.

I would ask though, does the signature itself has damage as it could be my computer but there may be some bleeding or discolouration to the signature and with the photo also being damaged it begs the question of what's the best price they will sell for and will you frame it if you but yo protect from further damage?

Thank you for your answer! Yes, I also could see some damage on the “smile”... I’m sad because the previous owner was not careful with this rarity. I’m thinking about it, because is so absurdly difficult to get an authentic autograph of her from that time. And I'm looking for one from that time. Yes...I would like to take care a lot but already have many damage...

How much are they asking? Earlier ones are not easy to find but a few do come up and if you bide your time you will find a better example without damage.

Hi! $400. It's my dream to get one of this, but the seller sent me other pictures and it's badly damaged. :(



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