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I am wondering if this is legit.  It was certified PSA, but looking for other opinions.  The item in question is the one on the bottom.  Another example is the one on the top, both look very similar (if not too similar), so I am looking for opinions.

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On auction from Iconic auctions now... and have a PSA Coa... for you is fake Ballroom?

I remember this being discussed a few years ago it keeps popping up at various auctions 

Is this a fake by a real man hand??? Hard to believe...

If you’re considering purchasing the PSA/DNA set, here is what I would focus on first with regard to the degree of similarity between the two examples.

1. The distinctive ‘Jimi’ portion of the Hendrix signature.

2. The ‘Luck’ portion of the Mitch inscription.

3. The ellipse under Mitch’s signature. This varies quite a bit.

What are the odds that these three pieces combined could look so similar across two authentic sets? I would then look at Mitch’s ‘To Tom’ dedication and compare it to examples of his writing.


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