I've never seen his signature

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Looks like a print/stamp to me

I hope not, but I always brushed this picture to the side when listing things for sale because I assumed it was not authentic since the guy I got it from just had it in a normal plastic sleeve

You can see the indentation on the photo, so it appears to be live ink. 

That said, there also appears to be a line visible through the ink... like a tracing guide line. Is it possible the signature was done in pencil and then traced over in ink? Looks slowly applied to me.

Man...no idea. I'm just going through everything I haven't listed yet for sale from an estate sale to put on eBay. I can try to take different pictures if it helps. Just out of curiousity, if it is not real then it may be worth $30-$40 as a picture and if it is real it could be $1,000+? Thank you for responding

$1,000? I am pretty sure you're missing another zero in there.


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