If it was real it would worth about $500-£600 maybe more. Currently available online at a Las Vegas memorabilia site - BARGAIN!!!!

However, its not selling so they have put it into auction in a few days time - look at the the auctioneers estimate....

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One clue is look at their posts—they’re almost all about slamming certain people. And that we have about 15,200 members and they have 250. 

how would you suggest that it be featured?  the only way to do that would be to create a discussion and hope for comments.  Steve has nothing to gain by personally posting something like that.  As Chris mentioned, he has more than paid his price for fighting forgeries.

There are templates of fakes from burkel's site that have been sent here...just put photos of those forgeries where all the  AMERICAN ROYAL ARTS  items are on the home page of AUTOGRAPH LIVE. I think that ARA is out of business so what is the point?? In my opinion,Burkel is selling more forged items than any dealer in the United States today.I feel that we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars per week of sales of forged items. I have no ax to grind. I am not a dealer and I do not even know who the crooked owner of ARA is or was. I am attempting to prevent another innocent person being ripped off as a result of the advertising budget of Burkel. If there is a chance of a law suit from Burkel, then I understand why Steve Cyrkin would not feature ( Again, as in my original post, I thank Steve for attempting to protect the naive autograph collector.

Bernard, over the years, I have probably posted over 5,000 threads/blog on forgeries and sellers of forgeries, and guess what....

Nothing happens.  

I've been threatened, etc.  

I will continue to do what I do, but ultimately, the scammers win.

And guess what--Ebay doesn't give a crap!!!

I've been doing this for over 15 years, and except for a few exceptions, nothing to stop this crap will ever work.  

Have you thought about creating a website or start your own thread on this garbage?

Christopher, I have started a thread on here................I can't figure out why American Royal Arts is on the Home Page here instead of Burkel's site. As far as I know,ARA is out of business. Is it threat of a law suit? If that is the reason, then I understand. I have asked that question, but have not received an answer.

What do you mean by "A threat of a lawsuit?"

Is Steve reticent to post photos of Burkel's stuff on this Home Page where ten photos of American Royal Arts forgeries are because he may get sued by Burkel?

Like Steve just wrote, you are more than welcome to post all of the photos you want.

I have done plenty of responses on here. Burkel will get a lot more notoriety if his forgeries are where the American Royal Arts forgeries are on this site's Home Page. My photos get buried within one week. Photos on the Home Page are FOREVER. Everyone will see them when they sign in---every time. Can't hurt...............unless there is a threat of a law suit form Mr Burkel  to Mr Cyrkin..........then I get it.

As I said, I’m not worried about being sued. What I’m telling you, but I told you, originating new content, especially as blogs, is the way to do it. 
Or you can post photos using the photo module and write something up for everyone and I will feature them. What you were asking me to do otherwise, is not well done on the homepage, and it will move important news of new listings and other activity further down the homepage where people don’t see it as easily.

I told you what to do. Try it, and complain afterwards if it doesn’t work. OK?

I don't see the comparison between ARA photos and what you are asking Steve to do regarding Burkel.  What Steve posted is absolute proof that photos were doctored to "validate" the sale of forgeries.  Someone photoshopped their items onto photos of the celebrity, to make it appear they are actually signing the item. What you are asking is for him to merely post photos of forgeries, which is what we do in the discussions.  It is totally different, in my opinion.

True, Terrier. Bernard, you posted one discussion here, on May 17.  What I'm telling you to do is post more discussions or blogs if you want to get them to be seen well, or even better post images in the photo app like the ARA ones are.

Name the file with the title you want before you upload them, or write the title once you do upload them. There's lots of room for discussion and even posting related images. And members can comment. Ad tags, etc., to make them easier to search here or on Google. And you can upload up to 10 at once!

I will feature some of them so they get extended home page visibility, plus if you put them in an album the ones that aren't featured will be connected to the ones that are.

This site primarily features member content, not mine. Start adding content the way I just told you to and you'll get a lot of what you want.

Here's the photo link



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