this one is at auction now on catawiki and i thought to know a genuine jack nicholson autograph but i would never buy this 11x14 photo with psa-dna coa. i could be wrong and happy with some opinions because it can't be happening jack's autograph is changing that much?...

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Agree, this is bad, not sure if it's secretarial or just bad

i did contact catawiki and psa-dna and curious about their answers...i will post these as soon they replied.

This probably is the real one with PSA/DNA cert # AF74874

psa answer will take 5 to 7 days but happy with your answer because the feeling i have of the one i posted was good (bad)... how do they make these forgery's? because when you don't know a thing about autographs it looks all legit.

They look for entries in the PSA/DNA database in which there’s no image and produce fake stickers and cert cards with those cert numbers.

Great work from both of you to expose this. Shocking that this goes on as Rob says, those who know nothing buy based on a sticker and certificate and may never find out they are fake

Thanks, Dan. This issue has actually been discussed here previously. There were several Macca forgeries with fake PSA/DNA stickers and cert cards.

I saw that discussion a few days ago, seems with technology there is nothing forgers cannot do these days which is quite scary for collectors. It's great they are being exposed.

i understand that but it still looks all legit...i did post a few months ago some photo's from a seller on and he sold these as well. it's like a disease that started in the usa and now someone in spain is trying it to sell on catawiki and who know where this photo will end up?. what to think about the expert of catawiki?... is it just all about the money ?.

I agree, it looks legit as you say. It's all about the money, PSA etc don't usually have photos when you type in the cert number so creating a fake one means their fake certed items sell for many times more than uncerted items. I guess they keep doing them until they are stopped, if they ever get stopped.

Some of these items were being pawned, and of course the loans weren’t repaid. The pawn shops would eventually try to sell the items and sometimes learn at that point that they’re fake and weren’t actually authenticated by PSA/DNA.



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