Recently acquired this (I assume to have been) Jackie Robinson Signed Baseball. Would appreciate Specific opinions regarding its signature. Meaning, if you don't like it, I would appreciate if you would share what specifically it is that you dont like about its signature. 

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“Thank the Maker.”

And after calling the Signed Baseball that my Grandfather handed down to me a "pathetic forgery" you have the Nerve to say that I ridiculed your members?

If you look at ALL of my recent and past posts you will see that I have NEVER done any such thing. I have been completely respectful and courteous to ALL members of this site (including your RUDE and demeaning self) and the most you could say about my writings is that I ask questions. Is that a crime? I want to know what the basis is for a person's opinion so as to know whether it has any value to me. This is how I evaluate the value of anyones opinion. By asking questions. You make it sound like I put people down if their opinion of my signed-item is a negative1 and I dont. I just would like to know WHY it is that they have such an opinion. Meaning, what specificilly didnt they like about the auto. Ironically you are the only person who actually got into  a couple of specifics regarding my auto. But then you pull this about face and accuse me of "trapping us". Which makes no sense whatsoever when you put the entire conversation into context and that context is simply and ONLY a request for opinions and requests for elaborations of opinions. How you decided that such requests have alterior motives is beyond me. What I think my friend is that you are a VERY VERY Paranoid individual. I mean for god sakes, all this is is an opinion site. Its not Science, their are NO facts being shared on this site. All that is shared are opinions. You need to Chill out and understand this concept Steve!

Oh, and just in case you're interested Steve, Im quite sure PSA didn't think my JackieAuto was such a "pathetic forgery" as they issued their Loa for it!

Please let us see that full LOA.


If it actually has a PSA LOA, why did you ask for opinions in the first place?

Steve, this is the same guy that tried to convince us that his Gehrig ball was authentic, even though an example of another stamped version was posted for comparison.  Do you really believe he has a PSA LOA for this forgery?

No, I don't think it has a PSA LOA, Terrier.

Mike, why didn't you post your PSA LOA with your comment?

Mike! I'm confused here. PSA issued a certification of authenticity for the first Jackie Robinson ball that you posted? The one I thought was a forgery and everyone else, for that matter. I'd love to see it.

this is in opinion site.  When someone pays JSA or PSA for an opinion, they don't get a detailed letter by letter analysis, and you should not expect that here.  But I will tell you one tip about that OBVIOUS forgery that you posted.  Whoever signed it made a blatant mistake, as if you look at any and all authentic JR signatures, whether they are on a ball or a flat item, NONE of them have this one characteristic that your forgery exhibits.  If you can't figure it out, maybe you need another hobby, or another vocation.

I also am well aware of the characteristic that Terrier is referring to.

If someone here posted an autograph with a TPA LOA and was up front about it, and just wanted our opinions, that is what we are here for.

But if someone posted an autograph wanting to "test" us and not divulge the fact that it was coupled with a TPA LOA, I consider that "low."

Our opinions here are free.  We don't charge a dime.



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