James Stewart Autographs: Which are Genuine, Autopens or Forgeries?

Isn't this an Autopen signature?


Ebay auction
















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But, he has sold 1.8 billion autographs...can't you read that wonderful COA where it states he is NEVER wrong?  

What good is a COA without either an image of the autograph on it, or an ID number that matches one on the item? What keeps the dealer from rejecting the item if it's returned, claiming it's not the same one? This COA doesn't say it requires a receipt.

It's particularly important in this case, because all says is "James Stewart — 8x10 Black and White Photo."


Exactly... makes it quite easy for the dealer to declare "Someone's trying to smear me!" doesn't it?

Yes Steve....

This appears to be a autopen signature....

Thats rite Sreve rember the John Wayne 3x5 card that I purchased from Pieces of the past  that they kept telling my that all the authenticators that I had look at it were full of it.. The guy also said that it wasn't the autograph that they sold me ...and it was....
Did Kevin Martin ever resolve the situation?
No never did he even stoped taking my calls

Kevin Martin, the self proclaimed "expert"   ..He really toots his horn in his auction descriptions, but Just watch his eBay auctions and you have to wonder, is this guy SERIOUS??  Take a look at this John Wayne.   What do you guys think?  Ebay item : 320677795882

Roger, has Pieces of the Past ever resolved the fake John Wayne autograph they sold you? It's been 7 months since your last post on it.

Definately not an Autopen.


This exemplar appears to be authentic to me.


Or should I say.... total fake. I'll give you $5 for it for my files.  ;-)


The signature on the picture is not an Autopen.

It appears to be a Secretarial Signature.

I have many in-person signatures of Mr. Stewart I aquired myself

and it does not match any of them.

Bob - do you have any further info regarding Stewart secretarial? Most collectors and dealers believe he was responding authentically TTM until he started using an Autopen. Do we have another Heston scenario here?



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