Mother Nature Signed Edition

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Completely forgot about this! does it again

They ‘cancelled’ Jamie Lee Curtis signed book

I thought the publisher mentioned months ago that this is not happening at all

It was the one <sold< for 3.23GBP which basicly figured they never would send it at that price.  So after the .DELAY emails ifinally got the CANCELLED email yesterday

yes just got my 25 separate orders of 55 x £3.23 books cancelled! 

Still available here if anyone had their Amazon order cancelled (Like me).

maybe all those eBay listings will vanish now.

I have my copy from forbidden planet and waterstones. nicely signed by all three.

I wonder if Books A Million will cancel? They haven’t shipped mine yet and it shows a 7/18/23 release date. 

amazon only cancelled as they mistakenly put it up for sale for 5 bucks.

I doubt they ever had any signed copies

Has anyone received the book or cancellation from Amazon US?  My order is still sitting there without any notification.  My miss rate with Amazon is a hell of a lot higher than hit rate.  Don't think I will bother order from them again.

I don’t know if already posted or if a restock or what at this point but showing in stock at B&N, if anyone still looking:


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