Was wondering what you guys thought? Thanks

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It's not authentic and a very bad forgery.



Thanks guys, I just thought it looked abnormally clean.  Usually what I've seen of Jim's they're super sloppy.

It says it's from the "reggie del ray collection" does that mean anything to anyone?

I don’t recognize the name, but I’ve seen the forgery style before with the “Cheers” inscription.

Please use images instead of attachments, and delete the attachment from the OP. Thanks!

I did some research on "reggie del ray collection" and the name and could not find anything. I will mention, however, that I was looking at another piece in that collection which caught my eye. I sent it in for a QO from someone we all respect a lot and it came back as a dud. Strike two on the collection is not encouraging in my opinion. Does not mean the whole lot is bad, but it does create some room for caution imho.

Yes there are many fake in that collection on HA auction... i think a poor collector... but HA passed your items... strange.

Here is the other forgery with the "cheers" inscription Ballroom was referring to I believe. 



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