What do you think of this Jim Morrison signed guitar? Do you have photos of others to compare it to?

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Come on Steve, there are dozens of Galleries with signed Morrison guitars to compare it to.  This one looks as real as all the others, in my opinion not REAL at all.
Has anyone even seen a Jim signed guitar that was authentic?  If so, what do they sell for?
Good question Kyle!
I've never even heard of one...not at the Hard Rock, not at the Doors exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, not through any of the major auction houses. Never.
It looks to me like a very deliberately and artistically drawn signature. It's a beautiful presentation though, as usual.
This is definitely a fake!
It's a genuine guitar!! Good color, nice strings, really good neck and pretty wood.  Unfortunately someone scribbled something in ink on it.  Otherwise an absolutely real guitar. Oh, you mean that wasn't the question?

sorry for my ignorance....but......only for a picture, how anyone can say thats its a fake????


Excellent question David.  Collectors need to know that the shape of the signature has to be correct before you can move forward with any other things that get looked at.  Since the shape of the signature is not even close to an authentic example there is no need to see the item in person.  It doesn't matter what kind of ink, pen pressure or the year of the guitar, if the shape is not the same as known exemplars we can safely say if something is not authentic.
Thanks Roger...can you post a couple of examples?
There are some nice examples available as inscriptions in his privately published poetry books. I could post a few if you'd like.

Thanks a lot, Roger.

But  i suppose Mr. Morrison was drunk 12 hours at day. the other 12 was on drug. like hendrix, joplin....i think they signature change.

Really a hard work to said real or not. Always there is site for the doubt.




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