I have a Jim Morrison "The Doors" Jacket that I acquired from a friend.  I was told that his grandfather won the jacket from a contest on the radio and took it to a concert and got it autographed by Jim Morrison.  I have added pictures of the jacket and autograph and wanted to get opinions if the autograph is legitimate or not.  The signature looks similar to other examples I have seen but since it's on a jean jacket, I don't think all the characteristics match up. 

I appreciate your feedback.

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The signature doesn't look authentic, and the jacket isn't old enough to have been signed by Morrison.

I agree fully.

I was thinking the same thing.  I appreciate the feedback.

Thats a KLOL Houston Jacket and they were not around when Jim was alive.  That "run away radio" logo came out in the 80's

Thanks for the information. 


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