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It looks authentic to me.

Might be - Ballroom will surely know.

The Hendrix writing and signature look real to me too, and they weren't rushed! Very nice piece.

The "T" in To, is a Jimi Hendrix autograph start!? 

It looks like he started to sign his name and caught himself after the “J”?

The whole change of plane and all? The "J" and the "imi" are coming in at slightly odd angles.

Ballroom have you a capitol T of Hendrix for example?

I don’t, unfortunately.

The "J" almost always tilts left on genuine examples, and the "imi" is straight to slightly right. The baselines vary. It's a bit more common for the "J"s to be significantly higher than the "imi" than for it to have roughly the same or lower baseline unless it's on a signature line like a contract.

Then what did Ballroom mean?

Ask him, but I took it as he meant that Hendrix started signing his name but stopped at the J because he decided to personalize it to Carol.

That’s exactly what I meant. I couldn’t find a cursive capital ‘T’ that looks like that.



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