Hi, what are your opinions on this signed Jimi Hendrix? Should be obtained 1967 at Germany....

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it certainly looks like Experience was in Noel Redding's hand, but wouldnt it be unusual to have Jimi sign then Noel write Experience?  That makes me question the Jimi authenticity.

It’s a little odd, but then again he isn’t pictured on the card. It would be a good way to sign on behalf of himself and Mitch without signing his name.

Here’s another signature from the same promo card along with the one in question.

Here’s another Jaguar Club autograph for comparison.

Hi Ballroom. You never fail to disappoint with regards to providing exemplars and valid benchmarks,. It is somewhat ironic but I do feel that the EXPERIENCE contribution is likely undermining the general appeal of the piece as well as attracting more scrutiny to the Hendrix offering as a result. If the Hendrix signed portion is indeed a forgery, it is a very sophisticated forgery. 

Hi Hyacinth. Thank you! The two Hendrix exemplars were actually emailed to me, which is much appreciated. I agree that it would be one heck of a Hendrix forgery, and then how do you explain the “Experience” portion? 

you have me convinced!  great work as always Ballroom

Thanks, Terrier. It’s just my opinion though, and there certainly is a possibility that it would fail one or more TPAs.

I now have the signed card, which I received directly from the person whose name is written on the back.

Hans has attended the concert on May 28, 1967 at the Jaguar Club in Herford, Germany. He was 16 years old then. He told me that some of these cards were handed out  by the promoter before the concert. He should write his name on the back and pick up the signed card after the concert.

"Experience" was apparently written by Noel, who also signed the back.

I think Jimi's signature fits 100% to the examples that Ballroom has kindly posted. I can't see any reason why the autographs shouldn't be authentic.

Good work! 

Congrats again, A.B.! I think you have a fantastic item. I should have guessed that Noel signed the back. 

Thank you. 
I didn’t know that until today either.

The seller hasn’t mentioned it and has only taken a picture of the front of the card.


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