Hi all, i was recommended to come here via Facebook, hope I'm posting in the right area!

I picked up a load of vinyl a while ago that included a Jimi Hendrix axis bold of as love first pressing. I played it and didn't pay much attention but have just noticed that it seems to have been signed by the three members on the inside gatefold.

The consensus online so far is that the signatures are legitimate . Any advice or debunking welcomed. I've already been in touch with some auction houses and will be picking one soon.

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Hi Lewis, 

I moved this to the Hendrix forum so you'll get more input on your signed album.

It definitely looks authentic to me. What a phenomenal find! Wow. Congrats!


BallroomDays is great at authenticating Hendrix and the Experience. Would you mind posting fresh, separate photos of each writing as high-resolution and sharp as you can? Photos of the outside cover and vinyl too. That'll give us a better look at the contrast of the Hendrix and help determine if there's a chance the autographs aren't live ink. That's extremely unlikely based on how you said you got them, and because of how natural they look, but authenticity has to hold up to super-close examination independently of the story. 

Take time and get opinions before you consign or sell. Picking the right auction house is critical. The price difference can be night and day. The last band-signed Axis Bold I know of sold for $30,000 at RR Auction in 2015. There's a good chance that you can get a deal where you pay no seller's fee.

I've had a lot of interest from dealers and auction houses already and the selling fees are dropping each time i talk to them. 

Ill add some more pics now. 

Added some more of the signatures. I didn't take photos of cover/ record the other day but can pull it out later and do that. It's certainly not perfect. Its been in a box with loads of £1 charity stuff for a long time!

I don’t think it’s quite as nice an example as the one that sold through RR, but of course prices have gone up over the last eight years. 

I agree, I've had a look at that one and the Jimi signature is in a better clearer position. But to be honest whatever it sells for is a bonus for me, this is all a lucky accident

This is what dreams are made of - congratulations!

yes ,  wonderful story


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