So I finally went to get my signed copy of "profiles in courage" authenticated from PSA/DNA and as I knew they would do it was deemed "questionable authenticity". How can this company call themselves professional authenticators? I'm from Massachusetts this book has been in my family's collection the entire time and it was hand signed in person when he was a Massachusetts senator. I read forums on the web of other instances where a person had an item hand signed in person and sent in to psa only to have it deemed "questionable authenticity" as well. I guess you just have to be a big time dealer that spends a ton of money with them to have these guys give you an authentic or a high grade. I also found a similar Kennedy signature on this very forum.

**If anyone is interested I will be listing this book on eBay once I get it back from psa.

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Hi Dan,

I'm sorry to hear that. I asked one of our members who knows Kennedy's autograph well to look at your book.

Thank you! I figured they just glanced at it and did no research at all. It was done within a day! $260 fee wasted!


I would be surprised if they didn't put a lot of time and effort into your book. PSA/DNA has some new authenticators, though, and they may be more conservative right now. 

There is also the possibility that it was signed in a style believed to be by one of JFK's assistants. I don't know his autograph well enough to comment on the authenticity of yours, but Andreas Wiemer definitely does, and I asked him to take a look if he has the time.

Thank you very much! You've already been more help than what I received from PSA.

JFK is a tough signature to authenticate, but remember, all authentications are just opinions. That being said, why would you put this on eBay? Without an authentication letter, there will be a much smaller market for the item and given the family history, why not just keep it? I would place much more value on an item signed by a President to my personal family than anyone else ever would. 

I have also seen items that have been passed down by family members and the stories of how there were obtained are often exaggerated over time. I have seen Mantle and Ruth autographs that have similar family stories attached and are 100% not authentic. I am not saying yours is not authentic, but the possibility exists that this may be the case with your book? Maybe a family member personally gave the book to an aide or staff member to get signed and it is a secretarial?

Either way, good luck. I think the family connection makes it a wonderful piece regardless of the authenticity of the signature!

You're right, Ryan. That's not uncommon.

I'm just not a huge collector. The only reason I would list this without a letter is, it's real I know it's real and it was already returned as "questionable" and I spent $260.00 to hear that. It's not like it's centuries old. I just don't see a value in an autograph or meet and greet like some people do. To me everyone is a human being just like you and me. Some just have more money,power or talent. But we all are created the same way. To me the value would be the same as having your autograph, no offense to you but I'm just not a star struck type person.
Maybe I am missing something; is there an image shown of the item in question?

They're attached. I'll post the signed page.

The image you show of a similar type signature appears on a memoranda as senator. This appears to me to be a printed signature that would appear o such memoranda and could be duplicated and disseminated en masse.

Hello Mr. Brady,

unfortunatly thats one of the most common secretary examples, not written and signed by JFK. I have attached a scan of my book "John F. Kennedy - autograph study (2013)" and of Charles Hamilton's book "The Robot that helped to make a President (1965)" - they speak for themselves.


Thank you, Andreas.


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