What do people think of this?  I confirmed that it is live ink.  I appreciate the opinions!

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That would be worth several thousand dollars. Did you buy it? How long was it listed at $1000? No other bidders?

I am really not giving many opinions these days but I wonder if those appear by the same hand? Others will chime in I am sure.

I agreed to a price with the seller above the starting bid.  I have paid but have buyer protection.  Would love to get opinions!  Thank you!!

I think you've done well!

I tend to agree with Eric. The Lennon "from" and the "Yoko" look particularly similar.

I'm not enough of an expert to really give an opinion on the Lennon. I guess you could be lucky and he also signed for Yoko. Was he still doing his smiling faces in '77?

Here is a Yoko from 1970 for comparison. Obviously it is not from the same period but it doesn't look anywhere near as choppy as the OP example and the Lennon part is very different.

I'm not sure where the $1,000 listing price comes from but would anyone in their right mind list this for that kind of money?

Unusual photo by the way - first time I've seen it. 

John still was doing the doodles and looks like he has signed for Ono.

Hi Eva, agree re Yoko and same hand. I don't know either re price, but now but when you search the auction under closed it says it says it sold for $850?

Hi ac1

This thread seems in danger of dying a death before getting any substantial response. Do you want to try posting it in the Beatles category? Worth a try...

I'm still on the sceptical side of the fence but I wouldn't want you to return a potential bargain on my say so.

+1 I've been wondering why there has been so few responses to this.




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