Here is a Lennon i purchased back in 1998. After a few years I began to doubt its authenticity. This one still gets me. Real or fake?!?!? I would love to say real, but I just cant pull the trigger! Tell me what you guys think.

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Sorry but this looks all wrong to me - having seen signature specimens of his autograph, I can honestly say that I doubt its authenticity.

If I were you, try and get your money back. If you can't, well, as harsh as it sounds and its happened to me many times, its a lesson learnt. I do hope you didn't part with too much of your hard earnt cash for this.

Beatles autographs are so open to abuse on the net these days - they are good targets for forgeries as are the big names in the industry.

More information on the item would be good but I have a feeling it isn't going to be good news.

Ya, The "J" in to the "O" on John is way off.  When i got this in "98" it was only the 2nd beatles autograph I ever collected. I put this Lennon in the category  of "what seems like a steal, is a smelly deal".  Unfortunetely this is not the only one that I got  burned on in my early days of collecting Beatles autos. Amazing when I think of how stupid I was, and what little I new back then. All I can say is "That'll Teach".

I'm looking at my auto of Lennon and I totally agree with you. It's like you read my mind.

The J and the o in John are off. In my studies of Lennon signatures, I've never seen him sign this way.

But I'm by no means an expert but my eye for a real Lennon auto is sharpening.

Don't sweat - I got done badly as well due to being an inexperienced collector and I was none too pleased but the way I see it...

People spend THOUSANDS if not millions on forgeries - its like loose change in that respect. You won't get a good Lennon these days for anything less than £1500 and even £1500 would be a shade dubious as well.

John is the MOST popular Beatle and since his tragic death, well, its the "holy grail" of collecting to many. Sadly though, the Beatles market is highly targeted and abused by forgers.

If my collecting has taught me anything, go through reputable dealers and ALWAYS get a COA and a receipt, if possible and always get a second opinion, too. At least if its proved worthless the auto can be returned and your money back (though difficult admittedly).

I got burned on a lennon about 10 years ago, also. I knew it as soon as I received, but failed in my attempt to get a refund.  I wish we had this site back then.  I dont like this lennon either.

I got burned on a Harrison auto. The price was only $400.00...too good to be true.

While the cut piece was being shipped to me, I started studying Harrison's signature very carefully. When I got mine, I immediately knew it was fake because the s's were leaning the

wrong way. I had PSA authenticated it and it came back as not authentic.

The seller wouldn't return my money. But Amazon gave me a $400.00 credit which I used up.

This may sound strange but when I see a real Harrison signature I almost get a tingles in my

spine and a feeling in my gut that this particular signature is absolutely genuine. A "This is it" feeling. I've been studying Lennon now and am finding him much more difficult to get a handle on because his signature changed so much over his lifetime. I'm getting pretty good at it though.

Just thought I'd throw it out there that the signature in the post seems to me to resemble the autographs done by Lennon at WFIL radio station in 1975. There was supposedly loads of people turning up at the studio to get autographs so maybe that could explain the rushed uncharacteristic style seen here especially in the flow from the 'J' to the 'o' in John. Heres some examples of the autographs obtained from WFIL and again its JUST MY OPINION :)

hello to all, after posting this almost a year ago i decided to have caiazzo look at it, and just got the word back this morning, and it is REAL!  signed in the mid 70's, probably at the WFIL radio station in 1975. that is why i trust my first instincts on beatle auto's.


thanks ballroom, i'm pretty happy.

Caiazzo's website says he no longer deals with the general public for authenticating Beatles.  How did you get him to do it -- and did he charge a fee? 

Did you have to email him or call him at another number? I have been trying to get ahold of him to look at one of my items but have had no luck in communicating. Was he willing to do a full LOA if you sent it in? How much did he charge to look at it over the net? It really would be nice if he would do a full LOA or even look at a Paul that i have.



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