Is this signature actually from John lennon?

John Lennon siigned promo copy Double Fantasy

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I don't think so. See what Ballroom says.

I think it's OK...

I agree it looks good but something seems strange. Perhaps I am just too cautious with this name.

Looks real to me but seller is shady. Zero feedback and he pulled the item off eBay before auction ended.  Wanted 25 Grand for it which is way too high. 

+1 Part of the rationale for my hesitancy. The doodle looked a bit off perhaps.

Susanne, Did you sell the item pictured at the beginning of this discussion?

I was expecting something like this question...I remember the thread.

Hopefully, we’ll get an answer this time.

Ballroom, no, I don't sell autographs. How do you come to this question?

The seller’s eBay ID matches the username portion of your email address.


Oh, that's funny. When I created my email address, susannes, susannesusu, susannesusu1 and susannesusu12 were busy, so I used susannesusu123@... so I took susannesusu123@... My email address cannot exist twice. As I said, I don't sell autographs, but I collect them.



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