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Best Traditional Blues Album Nominee in the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

Currently 20% off using the above link with the code HOLIDAYS2022, includes signed versions.

Remember he doesn’t tour anymore so chances of signed stuff are limited now for this true legend.

Thanks, Chris, for this important reminder about trying to get in on some Mayall, or even maybe on some more Mayall, while the getting is good--as well as for the excellent coupon.

And many thanks, Landon, for the initial heads up on these signed copies of The Sun is Shining Down. I have a couple of his older albums on CD signed on the covers. But the cover art on those is only half as beautiful as what happened here on his latest. So I couldn't resist putting Chris's code to work tonight and finally bagging a copy of this one on vinyl.

Many thanks for the discount code.

This may be old news to some, but it’s worth mentioning that John Mayall has signed 8x10 photos on his website for next to nothing.  $4.00 U.S. or $6.00 international, including shipping:

It certainly is worth mentioning. Thanks Stepeanut.

At that price, $6 posted to the UK for me, is a no brainer! Nice photos too.

You’re welcome.

No-brainer is right!  I ordered both.

Signed CD arrived today:

Yep, my two signed photos arrived today too. $12 total (inc shipping) posted to the UK. Bargain!

Is it me or has his signature shrunk massively over the years?! It’s much smaller than my in person!

Still waiting for my two signed photos from Mayall’s website.  No shipping notice, but, then again, there wasn’t one for the CD, and that arrived out of the blue this morning.

Mine were out of the blue too, without shipping notice.

The signed Mayall photos are the best deal of this young year--

Printed on thin Fujifilm photo paper, but in good quality/resolution.

Also be aware there is only a small piece of fluted cardboard anda  "Do Not Bend" sticker on the envelope in terms of packaging (which didn't stop my mailman from trying to jam it in my mail slot) but was sent USPS First Class and arrived mostly fine.  Mayall signs somewhat small, in thin silver ink (not a Sharpie).  

$8 shipped for two signed full-size photos from an 89-year-old blues legend, should be a Must.  

My original order for the two signed photos took so long to arrive that it was presumed missing, so Jane, who looks after John’s online store, sent me a replacement order, which arrived today.  These photos were personalised to me by John:

My original order also turned up, eventually, so I’m in the process of making this right with Jane.



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