Johnny Marr " Fever Dreams" - Personally Signed Vinyl & CDs (Banquet)

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Amazing! Brought one. Gonna have to cancel my Amazon. 

Johnny Marr is an artist, not a robot. He won't be writing anything he doesn't want to, so make the message you request sensible.”


Torn between a dedication to Morrissey and something disparaging about Man City.

Many thanks to the OP.

Brilliant thanks Rich, this is great news.... must cancel my amazon order.... the amazon orders have been live for months, can't imagine those signatures will be as good as those from banquet. All best...

Just ordered one!

Only 2 left !!!!!

Great find @Rich, thanks!

This charming Dan is very happy. 


some leftover signed vinyl and CDs if you’re quick!

Received my personalised copy this morning.  Couldn’t be happier.  This is how all autographs should be.

Haha love it. 

Nice! :-)

Here’s my LP - Banquet are great at getting them personalised!

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