Vinyl & signed poster bundle available for pre-order on their official store here

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Thank you so much! Just bought one! 

I can't believe i ordered this after seeing how everyone's Iggy Pop signed posters showed up, but i did so thanks for posting lol, and hopefully they do a better job with these

So it’s a signed vinyl insert? The listing said signed poster, which looked larger than the size of the vinyl. I thought it’d be something I could hang up. I’m not sure if I’m happy it’s a vinyl insert or not. Lol 

just a guess but I would say it is a poster folded in half once he is signing, if you compare it to the ones on the site it just looks like the top half. 

True. Thank you 

Sold out now

Got this for my daughter (promise) but have to say quality signatures and bundle.

Other artists could learn from this

Looks great, where did you buy this? 

They are available on their UK store (UK only) here

Are these the ‘signed art card’s?


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