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I hesitated. Now that it has 3 sigs I decided to buy…sorry Sold Out!

I bought the other day. Congrats!

Marshall Slayton... Terrible...    I love it... but I think this forum thinks so as well because there is no reply button for you.. lol

Steve P., whenever I question any preorder, especially ones that won't be released for a few months, I just buy it before researching.. you can always cancel later on. Sorry you missed out but talkshop has continuously added restocks of items. Keep checking back. 

FYI, from the Wiki, band lineup for the new album

Neal Schon - guitars, additional keyboards, backing vocals
Jonathan Cain - keyboards, backing vocals
Arnel Pineda - lead vocals
Narada Michael Walden - drums, backing vocals
Randy Jackson - bass, backing vocals
Jason Derlatka - keyboards, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo - drums, backing vocals, lead vocals on "After Glow"


I'm thrilled to the get the main three signing, somewhat surprised Castronovo wasn't added if the other three are there.  

Randy Jackson joined again but never really played as he had some health issues and Narada was in and helped produce the album, but I don't think we ever saw him live with the new lineup either.

Former members Ross Valory and Steve Smith were out and then supposedly tried to stage some kind of coup, so they won't be back. 

A one-off show with Perry and Greg Rollie (maybe cameos from Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Augeri, etc) would make a lot of fans happy and give some good closure to things.  

I read that their tour was postponed a couple of days because someone in the band got Covid. Now I can't find it listed on TSL at all.

Just read it was the last 4 dates. Didnt say which member.

They also have signed vinyl up now for like $30. Sorry don't have the link.

Thank you.. I was out running around and couldn't get a good enough connection to post the link for some reason.

the show is live now and it looks like the signed CDs are restocked

Thank you

no problem, I remember seeing someone say they missed them before they sold out the first time. 



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