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My picture is also missing Ian. I like how yours is signed in the same color, mine is signed in a mix of silver and gold like the example on the website.

Mine comes today or tomorrow. What's their excuse going to be for not having this fully signed? That's why I bought it. 

I wish I could say I can't believe they managed to screw this up, but even the example was a mess. I'm heading home to see mine but I imagine it's the same as the others.

Confirmed - no Ian. 

No Ian for me either, Rob is in Gold, the others in Silver mine is #43/300. fedex just dropped off

Same. Short lazy sig from Rob too

Goldmine is offering refunds if anyone wants. I contacted them. I think I'll keep mine though. I didn't have Glenn or Richie prior to this. Mine was 19/300. Kind of cool, #19 and their 19th album. 

Seems like everyone that ordered the Goldmine package was missing Ian Hill then, 

4/5 of the members should equate to a 20% refund if my math is right, for those of us that will keep it.  

I wasn't pushy, but I did say I'd like a small refund, and they said they would easily refund me for everything, but did not offer up any partial refund.

I did get a back-in-stock notification today, so possibly they're reselling the returns. I noticed they changed the pic that had 5 autographs (2x Glenn) into one that has only 4.

What drives me a little nuts is that they told me they weren't aware of the issue until the pictures started leaving the warehouse.  I contacted them the day it went up for sale and told them about the picture and how it didn't have Ian in it.  But what's done is done.  It's a nice package otherwise and I'm over it.

Talkshop did 20%


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