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If I didn’t already have a few in person signed cd’s an vinyl I jump on it.

Turned out really nice IMO

That is really attractive. Very nice. A distressed silver leaf frame will make the signature jump out. The mat should be rather quiet and not light. A wide black leather mat with a second under in silver would be really beautiful IMO.

Thanks, and appreciate your suggestions. It’s definitely frame-worthy and will likely do along lines of your suggestion. Just need to find space lol…

Thank you. In the last century I was a custom/conservation framer. I neglected to mention to use an anodized aluminum frame. Wood frames outgas sulphur, oak holds a tremendous amoint of water and acids etc. Even with acid free mat and backboard once it is closed its a trap. The aluminum is permanently inert and now available online in a million finishes. Ad, a nice real leaf frame done custom will be hundreds. Order the frame (they come 2 side each so you can pick any dimesnions you want). Very easily assembled as well. And way under $100. Get your acid free mats cut and you or the mat cutter can assemble it all and get a top look w/o spending top money :-) Make sure the item is attached to the mat and backboard in an acid free reversible manner.

Interesting, appreciate all that info. There’s definitely an art to doing it right and can be challenging at times when doing it yourself (patience and precision are key and I’m lacking lol). Anyway, still lots to learn/consider…I definitely know who I can ask now ;-)

Thank you. :-) Happy to help.

Hey Matt, congrats on a very nice piece! 

Did the album arrive sealed/shrink wrapped with the signed lithograph inside?


Was the album sealed, and lithograph separate/loose??

Thanks, I'm now thinking of ordering one of these...

Thanks Jimmy! It arrived in a standard cardboard LP mailer, the vinyl was shrink-wrapped and the litho was separate/loose. 

Thanks Matt!

I saw how nice this was a just grabbed one!


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