Hello there...have any of you heard as to when the Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande CDs are going to be shipped ?  Thanks.

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Still waiting on the Bieber Yummy Signed CDS and 7" Singles from January - which is ridiculous! 

I contacted the Ariana Grande Webstore after these were supposed to be shipped months ago - they updated us In August stating sorry for the delays, blah blah blah - they would be shipped in September.... well they haven't, i contacted them 2 days ago for another update, ordering from these stars is getting a waste of time, so i've now stopped,  with the delays and  knowing they will probably be autopenned anyway well in Biebers case!

Starting to think it’s a con as when you cancel they still charge you for the digital releases so not really worth cancelling, they used the digital releases to push the chart positions up and then don’t care, really poor 

Hey Doc, could you please post in the original threads instead of creating new ones. A few members have complained about the duplicate threads being a bit confusing.

Finally got this today. Totally fake. I would go as far to say they were signed by the exact same marker. Glad I only threw away $10 on it.

Got mine. Clearly autopens.

Looking closer you are correct sir. Hard to tell on Ariana but using my magnifying glass Beiber is super easy to tell it is machine made. Wonder why they took a year to do this? Do they only have one auto pen machine and there is a back up?

Bieber is generally ghost signed and Grande is usually a stamp...the Bieber full name ones are good and there are a few Grande good ones, as well, and a few rare ones with both being good graphs.

All fake. When an autograph is 5$ from a pop star lets assume its not real. Directly to the trash!

Irrespective of the cost - this is Blatant Fraud - Bieber / Grande and the hierarchy  should be publicly named / shamed and prosecuted! Also why the hell has it taken a year for this fraudulent garbage to arrive ? 

I just got mine..these aren't legit?


If you look at the JB it is clearly autopenned. If you use some kind of magnifier in the loops you will see the machine had a problem. It is not smooth at all. And yours look exactly like mine. Ariana's is different than mine though. But I am assuming she had a ghost signer because it isn't really even close to the other of hers I have.



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