4 per customer. $9.99 each. 

Confused by "Purchases for signed 7" will be refunded if offer not fulfilled within 12 weeks."  So she could get the #1 single and then cancel all orders? lol.  

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Can confirm, received that mail a few minutes ago. New release is December 4th. It's getting annoying...

Yes instead of posting endless tripe about drinking coffee on twitter she wants to pull her finger out and actually sign them!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like people who ordered these from the Australian store have been receiving their shipping notices. No idea what that means for the FR, UK, and US stores.

There were apparently some people who ordered from the Aussie store that received unsigned vinyls... I have no idea what that was about.



Finally! I don't mind waiting for so long as long as it's a real autograph

Has anyone heard from them again? My signed Daisies vinyls from still haven't been shipped. Last status was December 31. I have already written to them, but I don't get an answer.

I'm in The UK and Not received them or a reply to my 3 Emails i've sent in the last 2 months  - they are a bloody Joke - It's Like Perry is Saying - F*** you Customers - We may send them Out one day we may not ! 

Not Sending them is Bad enough but having the UK Webstore Blatantly Failing to Respond is a complete and utter Joke - and Please don't insult our intelligence using Covid as an Excuse as you have been for many months  - how the hell does Covid stop you from replying to an e mail? 

It wouldn't be so bad but i am waiting for loads more Signed and Un Signed Records - some that should have been shipped a year ago

The Moral of the story  is for everybody to stop buying merchandise off these so called stars and say f*** to them! 

I got the unsigned Daisies and am still waiting. If Katy was smart she’d sign all of them for us waiting so long. On the bright side I finally got my Watermelon Sugar 7”

I'm still waiting for my Red Watermelon Sugar 7" ! Another webstore to avoid and that doesn't reply to it's customers!

March 12, 2021 is the new release date according to the email I just got from KatyPerry's Canadian web store! We are almost a year ago since we purchased this, hopefully it will be worth the wait!

I've Still Heard nothing in the UK - this is a Joke - what a Poor way to run a business - Take your Money a Year ago - then Nothing ! Shame on you Perry!

Wow, I can't believe it but I finally got a shipping notification for the 2 copies of this i ordered from the US shop.



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