4 per customer. $9.99 each. 

Confused by "Purchases for signed 7" will be refunded if offer not fulfilled within 12 weeks."  So she could get the #1 single and then cancel all orders? lol.  

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Wow that sold out fast. One second it said "Can only ad 946 to cart" refreshed the page 2 minutes later then it said "Can only add 3". weird

That is an unusual line to have in there. I guess you're right, they could just sell a bunch of these due to the autograph, and then never even attempt to fulfill them since the page includes a caveat.

However, with no one having any idea how product fulfillments will continue to be effected by the pandemic, and that fact that she's pregnant - it makes sense that they warn people that their order could easily end up cancelled. Plus it's Universal, so they usually refuse to refund the portion of the order which is digital anyways. At least now people who were able to buy one have a set timeline when they can expect a go, no-go, instead of being left in limbo for months like other preorders.

Damn that was a quick sale!

There are still vinyls available on her UK site. And it doesn’t state this 12 weeks bs. 

This is Ridiculous!! 

So Basically and reading not to far into the ad on her webpage -  they are going to cancel all orders in 12 weeks time - this is just a scam to get to number 1 digitally and then to cancel all the physical orders - just when you thought these record companies  couldn't stoop any lower!!!!

I ordered from her UK store and you don’t even get the digital single with your order from there... Maybe a good sign?

Available on her French store too, already sold out on the German store 

Are they still available in France?

If so can you post a link please

whats the link to the uk store

Missed it Thank you for the site



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