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That is pretty dope. I’m glad I was able to get one.

cheers to the R N. R Channel / Talk Shop Live :)


Appreciate that and glad you were able to get one.


Orders being cancelled as we speak apparently now there is a customer limit being backdated on all orders

That's fantastic customer service. 

You had multiple chances including an exact time to order one. Sorry if you didn't get one but no one to blame but yourself.

And that would be fine if they listed limits at the time. They didn't. In this case I ordered an extra for my cousin so she didn't have to go through signing up for an account for a one time deal. And with that reasoning you missed the other 400 things that have been put up here over the last couple of years. Def Leppard was last week or the week before well within your 3 weeks since joining. And as I said an exact time was given for during that period.

Yup these were not hard to get and I wouldn't call them limited at all. Hope my 10 orders get canceled. 

Pretty crappy to cancel orders when there was no stated limit. Waste of time for them, and us.

Yup, I don't come in here and cry when I miss things. 

Thankfully. And neither do I. We have enough broken records on here that do that over and over about anything and everything.

To all- will only address this once and will let everyone come to their own conclusions- Def Leppard and Journey were sold with limits of 2 per offer. From the beginning. We found some attempting to order quantities working around the system. Large quantities. We have no interest in supporting bedroom or established businesses re-purposing what they buy. Everyone is free to do as they see fit with their purchases and we have the right to limit the purchases. We would rather provide more fans and collectors with these signed items direct from the artists than sell large quantities to a few. Every artist supports and agrees with this otherwise, most would not participate. If this upsets some and we lose a few customers over this approach, we are willing to accept it.

they werent sold with any limits where did it state 2 per customer 



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