RIP Kobe Bryant, passed away from a helicopter accident today - along with 4 other passengers.  So young.  41 yrs old.

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saw the helicopter fire from Augora this morning. Never would have imagined. Just another roughie....Thanks for the memories Kobe

Very sad.

RIP, Kobe and the other passengers.

What's really disgusting are the sellers of Kobe's forged/counterfeit "2000 Ovation" card.

Ebay seller Daniecarchi_0 (a seller of other various forged counterfeit cards, just sold twelve (12) of Kobe's "2000 Ovation" card.

Click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.

I was thinking right after it was announced, Erick will start his pumping out crap too.  Never fails, they can't wait to start making money off someone who has passed.

His daughter Gianna also passed away - 13 yrs old.

OMG that's terrible!!!

Absolutely terrible news! These sellers make you so mad knowing eBay will do nothing as they pump out fakes and make thousands

Oh no. That is horrible. So tragic. 

His 13-year-old daughter died with him. So horrible.

I cannot believe it. My friends and I were just at the Sixers game yesterday against the Lakers, here, in Philadelphia. I'm shocked. Life is so short and precious.

This is just terrible!  

I can only imagine the grief his wife Vanessa is going through right now by losing her husband and young daughter.   Prayers to his family.

I was looking at reaction on eBay, and right before my eyes while I was viewing a Kobe signed basketball PSA/DNA, the seller, ebay id sportscards, raises the price from $3499 to $4999.  It says he has “more than 10 available”.  I guess he got the news.

I sent a message to sportscard on eBay...”Nothing like taking advantage of the situation.”  

To his credit, he has now reduced the price to $3999.

Look at how many duplicate Kobe signatures there are on this eBay page:

Steve, they are the forged/counterfeit versions.

Ebay seller bc-jack has sold over a dozen and Ebay seller Daniecarchi_0 (seller of various forged counterfeit cards) is just rolling them out.

Disgusting people.

Freakin' Ebay does nothing!!!


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