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kurt cobains guitar cab , Janet jackson memorabilia. Music items are going through the roof.

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Is a Bob Dylan signed LP really worth $10K?

Are you saying that the lp didn't sell for ten -k.

Bob's manager sells them for 6 or so on ebay.

It closed at just over $10K with the buyer’s premium.

Kurt's guitar cab made 76 and add th e bp on top.

That’s a nice profit. It sold for $19.2K plus buyer’s premium less than six months ago.

That's better than Bitcoin!

The person who consigned it to juliens is squeezing out a brick now.

That’s Kurtcoin.

Kurtcoin. Lol.

That's why I decided to buy the nirvana signed poster as an investment.

I thought it was BitKurt.

tangelble stuff have been going through the roof for the last 2 years and i love it. its  a great for anyone for had this stuff to make a killing

its a sellers market and god bless it

Looks like Kurt's cab is back on ebay for 100k because it never hit the reserve along with other items.

That Iconic music auction killed it in value realized. Crazy prices


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