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I’ve already seen people selling (their hand) forgeries of this because it’s so easy! Sell yours if you can’t get a refund & buy one of her old signed albums off ebay if you want one she definitely signed. They keep getting worse 

Might do that if its even worth the price I paid for it. Beats fighting them to send it back. And yeah not hard to write a squiggle or an N on the extra covers and sell them as signed too. I won't but she definitely gave forgets plenty of opportunities. 

I still didn;t get mine yet and I have a poster ordered that should be interesting 

Haven't got mine yet either, i ordered more because when they put them back on sale near the end they were showing a much sooner shipping date. when they canceled my extras they canceled the ones i ordered the first morning they went on sale and ket the last ones so i may be waiting a while. 

Got my s*** ones today. Going to try and sell cheap. If not I have emergency toilet paper lol  Hope the posters are better

Aww you got the L, maybe we should find people with the rest of the letters and we can make a few full autographs lol. 

I hope to God the posters are better, I got one ordered. Anyone want to take bets?

most everyone says i'm wrong but again i just don't see how the same person made both of those L's, they are so different but i'm no expert so who knows. one letter is unacceptable whether she did them or not 

I truly believe GaGa hasn't signed any of them at all and they are ALL FAKE!!!! The L / Straight Line and the Z are totally different -  I gave mine away for free!

They Look Nothing like my 3 GaGa Sigs from last year 

Agreed. If they were real and she was signing as fast as possible why would she start writing completely different letters? 

I bet the people who preordered these off eBay for $150 are going to be pissed when they see the 1 letter "signature".

No kidding, i also thought about all the sellers that pre sold anywhere up to 10 copies and then had the store cancel anything over 2, guess that's what they get lol  

Just came across this petition someone started and seems interesting way to at least let her know we are unhappy with the effort, i signed it and figured i'd pass it on in case anyone else wants to to sign and spread it around and see how many names we can get.




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